Learn how to convert JPG to PDF online

The PDF, Portable Document Format, is a file format that makes it easier for users to repurpose digital images. While JPEG is best suited for image formatting, the format has some limitations. It is not the right format for small images and repeatedly edited images. A PDF format can eliminate all the disadvantages of JPEG.

PDF stores images in fewer bytes on your hard drive compared to the compressed low-quality JPEG files. The print quality of JPEG images depends upon its Pixel dimension. Typically, print resolution and Pixel dimension for the screen are different. This means what you will get on paper may not necessarily be the same as on a screen. The PDF format gives you the exact same copy in print.

Converting JPG to PDF with PDF Online is as easy as clicking on the upload button and selecting the image file for conversion. The tried and tested tool is the most convenient and reliable JPEG to PDF converter, which is easy to use and absolutely free of charge. The free service is the best tool to create PDF online and convert files into PDF in an instant, without any restrictions on size.

PDF Online has an edge over other similar conversion tools in the form of the PDF Software Development Kit (SDK), which allows programmers to add similar PDF converter functionality to their desktop or server apps. With PDF SDK, you can accurately create PDF from any source.

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