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Best way to develop HTML to PDF Java programs in just minutes and with high quality of conversion

Converting HTML to PDF could be a very challenging job, especially if you want the best quality of conversion and apply multiple settings for PDF document. A decent Java HTML to PDF conversion requires a PDF SDK and also supporting libraries.  Finding a suitable API library, which is customizable, has good error handling and error recovery, and is scalable, is a time-consuming task.

To help millions of users, who value the simplicity, speed and quality of the conversion process itself, BCL developed the most effective way to generate PDF from HTML in JAVA. To start producing PDF files from HTML in Java or developing HTML to PDF Java applications, just install this PDF SDK, generate the code, and drop it in your Java program. A few lines of Java code is the all you need to build an HTML to PDF Java application and create high-quality PDF documents.


IPrinter printer = new IPrinter();
IIEPrintJob pj = printer.getIEPrintJob();
pj.PrintOut(inputFileName, outputFileName);


HTML to PDF SDK comes with the best quality of HTML to PDF conversion in Java and other programming languages as well.

HTML file. Basic HTML to PDF Java conversion with HTML to PDF SDK
HTML – input file (
PDF file. Basic HTML to PDF Java conversion with HTML to PDF SDK
PDF created from HTML Java by the SDK

Use any HTML file or URL to create the best quality PDF in Java within minutes. HTML to PDF PDF SDK also helps users add customization to the conversion application. For example, font replacements, margin settings, page width settings, hyperlinks preservation and smart shrinking.

How to convert HTML to PDF in Java with multiple settings

To make HTML to PDF Java converter with capabilities of font replacements, margin settings and page width settings and also preserve all hyperlinks:

  1. Download free HTML to PDF SDK trial which has many useful PDF libraries for programming in Java;
  2. Insert the following lines of code to your desktop or server application:
import com.bcl.easypdf.printer.*;

public class TestPrinter
   public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception
Printer printer = new Printer();
      printer.useLoader = false;
         HTMLPrintJob printjob = printer.getHTMLPrintJob();
         printjob.PrintOut(inputFileName, outputFileName);

Use the following code to add metadata to your HTML to PDF Java converter:


Add an error handling mechanism to your HTML to PDF Java application with 3 lines of code only:

catch(PrinterException ex)
HTML file. Basic HTML to PDF Java conversion with HTML to PDF SDK
HTML – input file (
PDF file. HTML to PDF Java conversion with HTML to PDF SDK
PDF created from HTML Java with the code


Convert HTML to PDF in Java with no coding

BCL HTML to PDF API has a rare combination of features with a user-friendly interface. It allows users to develop conversion application without coding at all. Create HTML to PDF Java converter with any blend of settings just in a matter of minutes. As soon as the setup is complete you can generate an executable file or get the whole code with a press of a button.

Create HTML to PDF Java app with multiple setting of conversion painless

PDF Features for HTML to PDF Java Programming

BCL HTML to PDF API provides a high-level Java API for converting numerous file formats to PDF, modifying existing PDF files, converting PDF files to a variety of image formats, and populating PDF form fields. It is a commercially supported toolkit that is powerful and easy to use in any Java application that works with PDF documents.

BCL HTML to PDF API is engineered to withstand the rigors of server-side use but is flexible enough for both server and desktop deployments. Several lines of code are all that’s required to generate and post-process your PDF documents in Java.

Different PrintJob types are available and allow to get best rendering result for HTML to PDF conversion. PDF files match the page in a web browser. BCL HTML to PDF API supports PDF/A & PDF/X standards, it automatically handles an exception or error message that can occur during the converting possess.

The majority of enterprise software developers already use the advantages of HTML to PDF SDK in their business, such as Font Embedding & Subsetting, Image compression, Metadata, PDF Security (e.g. set permission to print, edit), Digital Signature & Stamping, Watermark, PDF Viewer setting.

Downloading HTML to PDF Java free SDK trial and bring more benefits to your enterprise now!

HTML to PDF Java SDK references

HTML to PDF SDK has the following Libraries and APIs with fantastic features:

  • Converting multiple format documents to PDF accurately with PDF Printer API;
  • Merging, Splitting, Rotating, Deleting, Extracting and Optimizing PDF files with PDF Processor API;
  • Rasterizing PDF into BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF image formats with PDF Converter API;
  • Extracting, inserting, and updating data in PDF Forms with PDF Document API.

HTML to PDF SDK team provides professional support in the SDK integration with your desktop or server .NET application. Try it now!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Sample PDF Java Projects and Documentation

Sample HTML to PDF JAVA Project Files – learn how to prepare your server, process and manipulate PDF files, rasterize it and dial with PDF form fields;

BCL easyPDF SDK User Manual for HTML to PDF – get familiar with all HTML to PDF SDK capabilities and become a real professional in PDF developing and manipulation.

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Many programmers use this HTML to PDF Java converter already and like it

“We evaluated many PDF tools and drivers. We even wrote our own. Except for BCL’s HTML to PDF SDK, all had limitations we couldn’t live with. Some only converted from MS Office and not very well. Others could not do annotation or text stamping on PDF documents. None were as easy to use and as easy to integrate.

– Shaun Hess, Software Architect TaxWorks

Silicon Valley-based BCL technical support is ready to advise you to customize HTML to PDF Java conversion for any enterprise and server application. Contact us anytime when it is needed.

Convert HTML to PDF in Java accurately and easily, and get professional support as well. Become one of our customers today! Download free HTML to PDF Java API trial now!