Create HTML to PDF VB.NET project with a few lines of code and the best stability

It is not always easy to convert webpage or HTML to PDF, particularly when the best quality of conversion and high level of customization are a must. An appropriate VB.NET HTML to PDF conversion needs a PDF SDK and libraries as well. Easy to use HTML to PDF Library or an API which comes with good error handling mechanism and which is customizable, scalable, such library is a rare thing.

BCL easy PDF SDK pretends to be the best solution to create and generate PDF files from HTML in VB.NET. It can be the right choice if you appreciate the easiest, rapidity, quality and stability of the conversion process. To build HTML to PDF Vb.NET application or convert HTML to PDF in VB.NET, install HTML to PDF SDK and use the code in your Visual Basic-based .NET application. Several lines of simple VB.NET code are all it is needed to develop a powerful HTML to PDF VB.NET converter:

      Dim printer As New Printer()
         Dim printjob As PrintJob = printer.PrintJob
         printjob.PrintOut(inputFileName, outputFileName)
      Catch ex As PrinterException
      End Try

This SDK provides users with excellent quality of HTML to PDF conversion in VB.NET or other programming languages.

Any webpage (URL) or HTML file can be converted to generate a PDF document in VB.NET within a couple of seconds. SDK also support various extra settings, like additional security, margins, watermarks, font replacement, hyperlink preservation, page format settings and smart shrinking.